The Complete Lighting Planner

The Complete Lighting Planner

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Lighting design is what makes homes go from fugly to fab when the sun sets. It’s one of the easiest ways to “renovate” your home’s look without borrowing against your retirement. Good lighting is one of the calling cards of a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor entertaining space.

I wanted to give you the best, most-complete, and easy to use do-it-yourself lighting plan in the world. So I hired the best professional lighting designer I knew.

His name is Nathanael. And he's been WOW-ing his clients for over 17 years. Just look him up on Houzz (he's been on their Best-of List 4 of the last 5 years).

Inside this guide, we'll show you how to...

  • How to make your house look as attractive as possible without spending $5,000+ for a basic landscape lighting
  • A way to prevent dangerous trips and falls at night using a one type of light fixture
  • How to light your landscape without digging up the yard even if you don’t already have power outside
  • The #1 way to protect your home from burglars to lower your chances of break-in by 21%
  • Why going with the “wireless solution” to outdoor lighting is the best for pets and small children
  • The best device to get lights that come on at dusk and turn off at dawn (*hint* it isn’t a timer)
  • How to layout your lights through pathways and gardens in 30 minutes or less
  • The best way to light craftsman, mid-century modern, modern, luxury, and bungalow homes
  • How to get color temperatures right so your house doesn’t look like an ice castle at night
  • Areas where you should think about including high powered flood lights for your home

Now could you learn and do all this on your own?

Sure. You could find and hire the right lighting designer. You could spend days clicking through the landscaping blogs people share on Pinterest.

You could read reviews of the different kinds of landscape lights on Amazon. You could spend hours trying to find the right fixtures that balance out the light in your yard.

But I think it would cost you a lot more than $20 in time, money and brain cells to put it all together.

So click the add to cart button today and let's turn your backyard into a bright, beautiful garden sanctuary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this even if I’m not handy or if I have the design sense of a block of wood?

Yes! First, you are the exact person we made this guide for. Nathanael’s tricks are easy to follow in a “checklist” format. Just do what he tells you to do. And avoid what he tells you to stay away from. It’s simple as pie.

Second of all, blocks of wood are VERY design savvy. It’s called minimalism people…

Can I use this even if I already have a well-lit backyard I like?

Yes, definitely! These tricks will give you lots of ideas and inspirations to borrow and make your own. Sometimes it’s that last little “tweak” that makes your bird bath or your favorite tree *pop* (we’ll show you which tweaks to use).

Is there a return policy?

Yes. If you download the guide, try out the tricks and you don’t like the results, send us an email to That goes straight to my inbox. We’ll get you a full refund and you can keep the guide on us for giving it a try.

Will I become the lighting design expert to the entire neighborhood after using this guide?

No promises. But it will definitely give you a leg (or a light) up on the competition. Florence’s shrub art may steal the show during the daytime, but your home will rule the night.

Just wait until you apply your new found knowledge during the holidays too. Move over Rudolf. There's a new light in town. Florence’s yard doesn’t really count anyways… her son works for a landscaping company.